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League of Legends

Check out our latest League of Legends News, Players and other information.

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CorbaCraft and Unity City all parts of Night's Network

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More Coming Soon...


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LL Squadrons

A Squadron is a team of competitive players in League of Legends. The are numbered by a Greek Alphabet system. Alpha being the First.

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What are Legions?

Legions are groups made and ran by players within the Night's Network Guild. Legions can be social, competitive or just plain casual.

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Welcome Players to our new NotionMC Branch of NN
NotionMC is unique PvP Factions server that have joined along with some teams

Teams: on the server 'guilds' can only have maximum 5 players, for us this is a clear limitation. And so we will be making many Teams, They will look like this:
Night's Network Team [Number]

Current Teams:
Team 1: lx_Nightshade_xl
KilledbyJamie (Jamie)

Team 2: CialNuaJay (Jay)